"You have done a wonderful job. Your corrections are excellent, and you have much improved the work."

Philippe Kourilsky

Professor of College de France and former Director General of Institut Pasteur

Insight Editing London is unique in offering rigorous scientific review alongside language and style editing of your scientific documents.

Our service is easy to use, friendly, flexible, and can be tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We specialize in assisting non-native English speakers to communicate their data clearly, accurately, and in an optimal style for their target audience.

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“While good writing can never compensate for a badly designed study, bad writing can actually obscure good science.”

Jane Fraser

How to Publish in Biomedicine

Dr. Lucy Robinson

Lucy studied for her D.Phil. in viral immunology at the University of Oxford. Since then she has held both research-focused and scientific writing positions, which have uniquely equipped her to offer clients simultaneous scientific review and language-based editing of their work.

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Dr. Neil McCarthy

Neil obtained his Ph.D. from Imperial College London and has held a variety of post-doctoral positions that have provided him with a broad knowledge of scientific publishing. With over 10 years experience of UK medical research, Neil is eminently qualified to edit scientific documents to the highest possible standards.

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