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Publication of a new method!

We are delighted to share that yet another paper from Lukas Flatz and colleagues is now available online at Science Immunology!

Here, Flatz et al. present their method “DITAS”, which they show can help discover tumor-associated self-antigens. They developed DITAS in the context of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), analyzing the shared antigens between NSCLC and normal lung tissue. After detecting lung tissue–specific genes highly expressed in lung tumors and validating candidate antigens, they identified napsin A that could induce NSCLC and lung reactive CD8+ T cell responses.

These exciting data might hold the key to improving immune checkpoint blockade, which despite its efficacy, in many patients has to be ceased due to the onset of immune-related adverse events.

Find out more about DITAS and the potential role of napsin A, here:

Congratulations to all those involved in this exciting study! Insight Editing London‘s Lucy Robinson really enjoyed working on this paper with you.