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Publication Success!

Findings published in Frontiers in Immunology earlier this year show that hepcidin is a potent marker of septic shock and other acute inflammation-associated pathologies!

Marcela Hortova-Kohoutkova and colleagues aimed to understand whether the dynamics of iron regulation could be used as a biomarker for inflammatory disease severity. In their cohort, comprising patients with #septicshock and #covid19, they saw that elevated hepcidin levels reflect overall immune-cell activation driven by intrinsic stimuli, while ferritin levels were boosted by pathogen-induced inflammation.

Hortová-Kohoutková et al. ultimately propose that the hepcidin-to-ferritin ratio could identify those at risk of mortality in septic shock. These findings have amazing clinical potential and we are really excited to see how they translate going forward!

Check out the full, open-access article here:

Congratulations to the whole team involved in this work – Insight Editing London’s Daniel Ackerman enjoyed working with you all on this paper!