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Many congratulations to Ammira Al-Shabeeb Akil and her colleagues at Sidra Medicine on the publication of their latest review article in the Journal of Translational Medicine (BMC)!

In their review, Akil et al. provide their expert perspective on how we might improve type 1 diabetes diagnostics and treatments as we enter the new era of personalised medicine.

The life-long consequences of type 1 diabetes are profound. Worryingly, the incidence of this disease is increasing, particularly in children. Improving our understanding and concentrating our research efforts on the risk factors, aetiology and pathology of this disease is, as the researchers explain, essential.

If you would like to learn about the latest discoveries in stem cell-based and  gene therapy-based treatments for type 1 diabetes, and the research questions that remain to be answered, download the full length, open access review article here:

Congratulations again to the entire team who compiled this extensive review: we are sure that this article will be met with great interest by the clinical and research community!