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Publication success!

Chao Liu and colleagues have yet another reason to celebrate! Earlier this year, Liu et al. published the results of their single-cell RNA sequencing analysis of paired pre- and post- radiochemotherapy (RCT) tumor biopsies from patients with cervical cancer.

Their findings, published in the journal Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, showed that compared to pre-RCT, post-RCT samples exhibited residual epithelial cells expressing MHC class II genes. Here, they also saw accumulated monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells with pro-inflammatory features, and cytotoxic CD16+ natural killer cells. These findings implicate innate immune system activation in cervical cancer after RCT.

This paper serves as an excellent resource, detailing the complexity of the tumor ecosystem and its response to RCT. We are sure that numerous lines of research into new and improved treatments for affected patients will stem from the important findings detailed in this study.

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Well done to everyone involved in this excellent work!