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Mechanisms of chemo-resistance in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Publication success! We are delighted to see that the latest study on the mechanisms of chemo-resistance in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic #Leukemia (T-ALL)Read More »

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How to write winning grant applications: Part 3 At the start of the year, we launched our “fresh look” grantRead More »

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Publication success!

New insights into physiological and pathological brain wiring We’re excited to share news of the publication of a fantastic articleRead More »

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Veterinary Mycoplasmas Research Report

Veterinary mycoplasmas: updates and knowledge gaps We are so excited to present this latest research report, commissioned by the US DepartmentRead More »

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Hepcidin is a marker of septic shock

Publication Success! Findings published in Frontiers in Immunology earlier this year show that hepcidin is a potent marker of septic shock andRead More »

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Exosomes facilitate pre-metastatic niche formation

Publication success! New findings on how pulmonary metastases form in gastric cancer (GC) have been published in the Journal ofRead More »