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Publication success!

New findings on how pulmonary metastases form in gastric cancer (GC) have been published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry!

Ming Wang and colleagues at Henan University, investigated how extracellular vesicles known as exosomes might help GC cells metastasize to the lungs, using mouse forestomach carcinoma cells as their model system. They found a novel mechanism by which GC-derived exosomes mediate PD-L1 expression in lung macrophages (which helps cancer cells evade immune detection), which in turn facilitates lung pre-metastatic niche formation. Wang et al. hypothesize that these findings might one day translate into a future potential therapeutic target for GC with pulmonary metastases.

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Well done to the authors involved in this insightful study – it was a pleasure to work with you and learn more about this exciting research!