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New insights into physiological and pathological brain wiring

We’re excited to share news of the publication of a fantastic article by an IEL client last month, edited by IEL’s Ilya Demchenko.

Published in PNAS as an open access article, Sinclair-Wilson and colleagues describe their ground-breaking work on the plasticity of brain circuits in neonates, which is important for the correction of embryonic thalamocortical axon mis-targeting. Using a genetic mouse model, the researchers identified a serotonin-dependent window in the immediate post-natal period in which pre-natal axon miswiring can be corrected and appropriate definition of cortical areas rescued: this period was disrupted by pre-term birth and dysregulation of serotonin levels. This work may have profound implications for our understanding of human neurodevelopmental disorders that occur in extremely pre-term infants.

You can find out everything you need to know by downloading the full text here: Plasticity of thalamocortical axons is regulated by serotonin levels modulated by preterm birth | PNAS

Well done to everyone involved in this groundbreaking study – it was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to learning how this work progresses in the future!