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Veterinary mycoplasmas: updates and knowledge gaps

We are so excited to present this latest research report, commissioned by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and STAR-IDAZ International Research Consortium on Animal Health and authored by our own Daniel AckermanLaura Roden and Lucy Robinson.

Our team was given the challenge of reviewing all the literature on veterinary mycoplasmas of interest (3500 papers!), selecting those studies that presented important findings, and collating the data from the field into a coherent and engaging summary document that can be used by researchers and policy-makers to help identify important knowledge gaps.

We are super-proud of this work, and have high hopes that it will be a significant help in guiding resources to those areas most in need of further research.

Thanks again to the commissioning team at STAR-IDAZ International Research Consortium on Animal Health for your support during the writing, and to all the researchers who reviewed and made suggestions to improve the report along the way: Georgina GrellMadeline NewmanAlex MorrowNicholas JuleffRoxann Brooks Motroni DVM, PhD, Rachel Wood, Mark Ackerman, Jeff Caswell, Rohana Dassanayake, Jeff Evans, Patrice Gaurivaud, Bryan Kaplan, Dominiek MaesMusa Mulongo, Robin Nicholas, Jose Perez-CasalSacchini FlavioMassimo Scacchia and Dan Tucker.

You can read the full report here:

This is not the first time the IEL team have been involved in compiling literature reviews – in fact, it is becoming quite a specialty! We really enjoy digging deep into a subject area and teasing out the ongoing issues and areas for future research. Get in touch if you would like support on a literature review for your topic of interest!